#Skinfit2016 | If you only buy one makeup accessory this year, make it this one.

As someone who's always harping on about skin health and good makeup habits, I've tried a tested a lot of brush cleaning methods. 

Just the other day I was with a group of artists and we ended up discussing the best solutions to wash brushes. All of us agreed that shampoos simply don't sterilize and opt for soap or antibacterial gels, dishwashing liquid and anything that can get the oil and bacteria out of our beloved tools without ruining them. 

I've always said that I'll use brush cleaning as a method of punishment for my future children lol - I HATE washing my brushes that much! I was given the Walford Richard Designs "Amazing Brush Cleaner" by one of Australia's top makeup artists who told me "trust me - it will change your life."

Uh huh.

I have to be honest. I'm a hard customer to convince. I dragged out my kit, ready to go through the usual pain of having to cleanse x 3, rinse, cleanse again (those stubborn foundations, cream bases and gel liners wreak havoc on my brushes!). What I got was HANDS DOWN the BEST brush cleaner I have ever used.

If you only buy one makeup accessory, this is it. 

I will even go so far as to say that I will never use another ever again. 

this cleanser is the makeup artist's 'soul-mate' - my spirit animal.

The potted, cruelty-free balm is a divine, fresh citrus scent that takes only a little swirl to completely dissolve even the most baked in liquids and creams. And it took everything I threw at it and more - it pulverized the eyelash glue that threatened to ruin my coveted $80 NARS kabuki and left it soft and replenished - OMGGGGGAAAADDD!!!!!!! 

But seriously, as someone who spends hours cleaning their kit, the best part is the value. I cleaned 30 brushes in 10 minutes - swirl, scrub and rinse - ONCE. Done. And it didn't even leave a dent in the product..this stuff lasts.

So, just like that I get nights in front of the tv - not the sink.

Got brushes? Get clean, godlygoodness here: http://www.walfordrichardsdesigns.co.uk/