So you want to live the eternal summer? Master colourist, Zoe Lee, can make it happen…

Being in the beauty industry, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to hair professionals. I have worked with some master stylists on jobs, but for myself but I am always really discerning about who I use. You see, I have suffered from Alopecia since the age of 16.

I absolutely hate going into salons and have had some horrific experiences sitting in a salon full of customers with the fear that everyone is looking at me. I have even had my ear snipped (yes!) not only to laughed at by the stylist who thought it was hilarious and offered no compensation. I have been known to interview salons to find private rooms and seek out stylists who will do in-home consultations. I have gone to extremes to find the right person who I can trust with all my insecurities.

Yes, I am that self-conscious about my hair and I can appreciate that many of my clients feel the same way about their beauty. When you finally find someone you trust, you want to hold onto them for dear life.

Although over the years a handful of colourists have successfully created a subtle, sun-kissed tone to my chocolate tresses, few have been able to achieve my unicorn (the cream blonde). And where they have failed, I have tried everything - from Sun In bleach spray to Napro Nordic Blondes in a box. You name it, I have tried it. And to my hair’s demise.

Meeting the master

I was both nervous and excited to meet Zoe Lee the first time in her Cronulla studio, Evogue. Zoe is renowned for her ninja balayage skills and beautiful blondes, with a personal Instagram following of almost 8,000 followers that reads, “Painting Cronulla blonde one client at a time.” She had me at hello and I had been cyber stalking her work for months.

It was time to make contact.

What I love and appreciated about Zoe the first time I met her was that there was no judgement. I was sure she would take one look at my patchy scalp and dark locks and exclaim “Sorry, nothing I can do here!”. But no sir, this is one cool lady and she had it covered. Isn’t that what you want in your stylist? – no fear here, just a “get sh*t done” attitude? I was hooked.

After she was done working her magic, she created luxurious layers, gave me a beachy wave to turn heads and - for the very first time - I walked out of a SALON feeling like a million bucks. I couldn’t stop smiling and I had multiple selfies to prove it.

The best of the best

Here’s the other thing about Zoe - she is not only highly technical in her application (although she’s so calm that you wouldn’t know every move is precisely calculated), but she is passionate about the investment it takes to create great hair. Her salon stocks the best hair care around, including Cristophe Robin, Mr. Smith and Olaplex. She takes a tailored approach to her product recommendations.  You know that she will prescribe the right regime for you to keep your beach locks looking sunny all year round.

Last Monday I went back for a freshen up. Not only is the work impeccable but it has longevity - it had taken 3 months for my hair to get to a state where I even needed to rethink my colour.Again she consulted me before we go to work. And, again I walked out on air.

No money, still honey

This is the part where I mention that Zoe charges half the price of most colourists. And it’s not all blondes, this girl does amaaaaazing things with colour.

So, you’re welcome – in advance – for the amazing hair that you are about to get. I’m keeping this one on my speed dial. Check out my lil video here to see how luxurious your hair can look too.

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Tam xx