#Skinfit2016 | 5 ways to radiant makeup this winter

Natalia Vodinova knows keeps it cosy yet fresh (Image: Vogue Russia)

Natalia Vodinova knows keeps it cosy yet fresh (Image: Vogue Russia)

“My skin is so dry in autumn and winter. My new, richer moisturiser just isn’t working and my foundation that looked fresh in summer now looks dull. What am I doing wrong? And how do i stop my makeup from creasing under my eyes?”

In winter, skin seems to turn from a healthy, dewy glow into a black hole for any form of moisture that skims the surface, leaving the most concentrated moisturisers and serums helpless to combat dry patches and those increasing lines across a once smooth forehead. Yet, I have learned through hard work and DD (that’s Diet Dedication) that all the lotions and potions in the world can’t save you if you aren’t doing the ground work from the inside out!

As any skin professional or makeup artist will tell you, there is no single miracle cream that will magically transform your skin to the ethereal perfection that is Charlize Theron - yes, shock horror, sad but true, sorry ladies…(and gents).

The reality is, if you want to keep your skin glowing all year round you must keep it hydrated inside and out. That means keeping your fluids up (with water - coffee, tea and other bevvies don’t count, sorry) and eating the right skin ‘super-foods’ (including a diet of oily fish, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, spinach, kale etc.) as much as possible. And, above all - NO SMOKING!

However, for those us who barely have time to brush their teeth in the morning (nor have any interest or financial capability of committing to a toxin-free lifestyle) here’s my winter make up 'cheat-sheet’ that will have you I-Phone ready, all day. Well, at least until after those winter work drinks are over;

1. Want a luminous complexion in chilly conditions? Switch to a hydrating liquid or cream foundation.

Using a minimal amount, applied only where you need it - usually to the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin is enough, building gradually as needed. Not only does this save you time, but your products will last you longer since you need only a minute amount.

{Try This} Chanel Velvet Lumiere Liquid Foundation, Clinique Even Better Foundation, Makeup Forever Face and Body

2. Follow foundations with a light dusting of powder on your t-zone.

Keeping your powder light will ensure you set but not overload the skin (Image: Snippets Photography)

Keeping your powder light will ensure you set but not overload the skin (Image: Snippets Photography)

That’s the section across your forehead, down the nose and chin that gets oily during the day. With an even LIGHTER stroke, smooth out any foundation creases under your eyes and gently roll the brush over the top. This helps to set your makeup so that it doesn’t crease or transfer to your clothes, mobile phone and hands (yes, it happens to us all!)

{Try This} Becca Blotting Powder Perfector, Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation


3. Base is done, now to add colour and warmth to your face - a light hand is key.

YES, YOU! - STEP AWAY FROM THE BRONZER - it’s winter after all!! Dust on a warm rose or peach toned blush to the apples of the cheeks for a 'just flushed’ glow and keep it looking pretty. If you must apply a bronzer, please go slowly and lightly and keep it 'healthy’, not 'Jerseylicious’. On my clients I also dust a light champagne or ivory highlight to the cheekbone and brow bones to catch the light and keep the skin looking dewy.

{Try This} NARS Blush in 'Deep Throat’ or 'Orgasm’, Jane Iredale Bronzer/Blush quad in 'Sunbeam’, Giorgio Armani Blending Blush Duo #4


4. Finish with a spritz of a hydrating mist as final touch.

This is the makeup artists' trick to ensure your makeup stays put and that it looks like it’s just your skin and keeps your complexion fresh throughout the day. Et voila! A perfect winter glow…

{Try this} Sukin Hydrating Mist, Jurlique Balancing Rosewater Spray (or any setting or toning mist long as it contains glycerine and delivers an even mist and not a stream of water).


5. Time for R&R. Remember that night is when your skin renews and recovers.

Never, ever neglect to remove your makeup before bed and make sure you cleanse and moisturise daily!