Video :: "Back to Basics" Winged Eyeliner tutorial

You asked for it! Here’s the first of my "Back to Basics" series, teaching you the foundations of makeup.

In this 5-minute tutorial, learn my secrets to perfect eyeliner with 4 products to create a winged eye!

  1. Gel liner
  2. Liquid eyeliner
  3. Khol liner
  4. Both liquid and khol liner

When you are choosing any liner, it’s important to choose a product with an opaque finish, preferably matt, so that the colour is solid and lasts without smudging.

PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO in order of application:

  • Illamasqua precision gel liner in #Infinity
  • Models Prefer Skinny Eyeliner in #Black.
  • MAC Cosmetics one in #Smoulder

As with any makeup technique, practice makes perfect and don’t forget that you can always remove it and start again!

Keep it SIMPLE, LUMINOUS and NATURAL and feel good in your own skin! #SkinFIT2016.

Thanks so much for watching! I'd love to hear what you think and what you want to see!

Tammi xx


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