When Erin Young told me she had a “small tea company”, I had no idea her Zen Green Tea brand was stocked in over 3,000 retail health foods stores, doubling its online sales and on the verge of a cafe distribution arm!

This incredible entrepreneur started her journey at the tender age of 22 after seeking a solution to remove the bitterness of green tea. Four years later and Erin’s passion for tea, health, yoga and food has built a successful Australian business that brings incredibly fresh and delicious Japanese matcha green tea to Australia and the rest of the world. I sat down with Erin to learn the amazing health benefits of freshly stone ground matcha packed with antioxidants, and her own secrets to achieving glowing skin.

Erin Young created Zen Green Tea from her passion for health, yoga and food (Image via Erin Young).

"Zen Green Tea brings you fresh and delicious Japanese matcha green tea that helps improve your overall health. Our business and all it's content is about being healthy and how to enjoy an energetic life. I founded our company four years ago and my philosophy is simple: “amazing quality matcha, sourced in a sustainable way and delivered with the best service.”

I wanted to tap into my passion for tea, health, yoga and food – that’s why you’ll find my recipes and blogs online (I am also a writer for the world’s number one tea blog, T-Ching). It was important to me to build strong relationships with many tea farms in Kyoto Japan to bring the best quality matcha. I personally source our tea in small batches that are freshly stone ground ensuring we deliver matcha packed with antioxidants. You will notice the bright green colour, the fresh naturally sweet spring flavour and all the health benefits that accompany drinking pure Japanese matcha.

I like to keep my beauty routine simple and natural. My go-to products are matcha for drinking (obviously!), coconut oil, sugar coconut body scrub, conditioner and mascara.

Being "skin fit" means nourishing your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals derived from a natural diet. If your skin glows with health, you don’t need to wear heavy makeup. Eating well and mindfully is the key and matcha is a great antioxidant boost. I believe that when you live an energetic lifestyle, it shows in your appearance. You need energy to glow and not look tired and matcha is a natural, sugar-free energy source.

My biggest beauty blunder would have to be not getting enough sleep or not eating/ drinking well. I work hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise - If I have these then my beauty goals are always easily met.

My advice to others on achieving their best health is to begin by treating your body well so that you have an excellent base to build upon in your regime. By taking a natural approach to your health and you can achieve clear, glowing skin.

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