When comedian Steve Martin famously said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you”, he must have been talking about Garreth Lenagh.

Originally from the North of England, Lenagh moved to Sydney in 2009 and has since forged an enviable career in the Australian hair industry. As one of PReMA hair salons' Creative Directors, his extensive experience led him a role in education, mentoring and as company ambassador (regularly travelling overseas for fashion shows and photoshoots). As a Guest Artist for KMS California, Lenagh delivers education and leads the brand directing shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and creating stunning looks that incite #hairgoals hashtags for weeks. I met him in 2009, working in collaboration an entry to the AVEDA Colour Harmony Awards (and yes, we created magic look that got us to the finals), marveling at his effortless precision and utter professionalism . I caught up with the creative genius to find out if "effortlessly beautiful" hair really does exist.

Garreth Lenagh believes that it's all about being comfortable with what we have and then learning to make the most of it. (Image via Garreth Lenagh)

(Image via Garreth Lenagh).

(Image via Garreth Lenagh).

“I’ve spent the last five years building my editorial portfolio, working with Australia’s hottest designers [Lenagh is a regular with Australia's We Are Handsome] and regularly traveling overseas for various fashion weeks and shows.

I help my clients realize that what they have already is beautiful and that my work is to simply enhance their natural features. Likewise, for me, it’s important to look groomed and take care of my skin.

My “desert island” products would have to be Natio mens exfoliating face wash, Natio mens facial cleanser, beard oil, KMS Moist Repair Shampoo and Pearl Drops toothpaste.

I always say that investing in a good haircut is the best item of clothing a person can buy. Being “skin fit” for me, therefore, means taking a natural approach to beauty in all its forms. For me that means working with an organic form and creating something from it, being comfortable with what we naturally have – whether it be voluminous curls or fine sleek hair.

My biggest beauty blunder is dark circles under my eyes! For many women I find their biggest blunder is throwing their hair in up into a ponytail at the first chance! Ladies, a quick ponytail is for the gym only!

What you put in is what you get out - literally! Eat green, eat healthy and the rewards will come through glossy hair and clean skin.

I think that people need to appreciate themselves and be happy when they look in the mirror. If they can't do this then how can we expect others to appreciate them? People, wake up, look in the mirror and be happy! That way once you have showered and applied make up and grooming products you will be super happy!

As good skincare is the foundation of great makeup, healthy hair is the foundation for great hair. It is much easier for an artist to paint on a blank canvas.

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