It takes a steady hand and an eagle eye to create “brows to kill” and that’s what brow expert, Ilona Sophie, does best.

Ilona began her career thirteen years ago, training as a beauty therapist and makeup artist, only to become fascinated with eyebrows and the important role they play in facial symmetry. Her unique approach has been hailed in nationwide publications including Body & Soul and the Sun Herald as an expert in her field. Her talents have attracted a loyal following of clients to her private inner city boutique, where she provides a unique brow-shaping experience based on a personalised approach to suit each individual. With her glowing skin and a barely there makeup look that’s the result of a trusted and diligent regime, we connected to talk about our passion for natural, glowing beauty.

Ilona Sophie wears a natural, groomed look that enhances her perfectly sculpted brows and glowing skin (Image via Ilona Sophie.

"A beautiful eyebrow shape surpasses trends and momentary fashion because it enhances your individual features and brings harmony to your face." - Ilona Sophie

“My business a unique eyebrow shaping service, where we look at your face shape, bone structure, hair and eye colours to determine the best eyebrow shape to suit your individual features and bring harmony to your face.

I believe that knowledge is the key to empower yourself as an individual, and I educate my clients on how to create a look that brings out their best features and reflects their personal style.

I have a very natural approach to beauty that’s all about good grooming. My “desert island” make up bag would have to contain eyebrow gel, tweezers, mascara, organic coconut oil and organic lip balm. Being "skin fit" for me, means nourishing your skin from the inside out and enhancing your own natural beauty by always keeping it simple.

My biggest beauty blunder would have to be obsessing over every stray eyebrow hair. It's easy to lose perspective when your inches from your own reflection, so take a step back and look at your entire face before getting too tweezer-happy. Or, leave it to a professional.

I believe that beauty comes from within, and what you put inside your body reflects how you look on the outside. Diet and exercise play a vital role in looking and feeling radiant inside and out. It’s important that you find what works for you, and make the most of it. We are all so unique, and when you work with what you have, it will always be more flattering to your personal style.

When you nourish your body from the inside out, it shows. Great makeup definitely starts with good skin.

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