Strong is the new black! As a dancer, trainer and the most energetic human I have ever met, Jessica Herbert is bonefide firecracker on a mission to motivate, inspire, educate.

Her functional training business, The Mve.Mnt. Society, celebrates the importance of making the right physical movements for mental and physical health, fitness and strength. Jessica’s unique approach to training inspired her to use social media platform in all the right ways, empowering every day people to use strength as a means to find the “best functioning” version of themselves. When I wanted to tone up and slim down for my big day, it was Jess that I turned to for inspiration and a tailored approach that considered my abilities and health needs. Here’s what inspires her to get the most from her body and her best skin ever.

“It’s black and white, your body is physically designed to move. The colour is in the moments you build the inner confidence to try physical movements you never thought you could, and the amazing results that follow physically and mentally." - Jessica Herbert

What if you trained hard enough to bring all the groceries in from the car in one trip?"- Jessica Herbert (Image via Robbie Lawrence for The Mve.ment. Society)

Jess believes in building your strength and moving in whatever way works for you. (Image via Robbie Lawrence for The Mve.ment. Society)

Jess believes in building your strength and moving in whatever way works for you. (Image via Robbie Lawrence for The Mve.ment. Society)

"The Mve.mnt. Society is solely designed around celebrating the right movement for you and bettering your lifestyle. I offer a complex, yet bespoke service including; personal training for individuals and small groups, to group fitness and Barre Attack. I celebrate any type of physical movement that empowers you from the inside out. I believe your body is designed to move and whatever it takes to make you feel mentally and physically strong and healthy, I say go for it! I encourage people to explore different movement patterns through different dimensions; running, jumping, dancing, lifting, skipping, boxing, pushing, pulling, rowing, handstands – you can do it all!

My job is to help people feel their best by ensuring they're mentally and physically strong and fit - from the inside out and the ground up. I encourage them to balance their “movement prescription” through a combination of what they need with a little bit of what they want.

As a fitness trainer, I need reliable, no-fuss beauty routine that lasts. I couldn’t live without my NARS Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser to keep the tinted glow and Batiste Dry Shampoo for post body weight workouts. I am always outdoors training so a 50+ oil-free sunscreen is a must, as is a backwards ‘Snap-back’ because that's my standard trademark.

Feeling ‘skin fit’ is a process that encompasses every aspect of my life – being both physically AND mentally resilient.  It's so important to recognise that you are your own brand - there is no one else like you! So enhance what you have for the better.

Be content and focused on the journey that's right for you. It’s also about having confidence in exactly who you are and where you're going. So much so you love to empower and lift those around you - to see them walk tall.

My skin health is directly correlated with the nutrition choices that I make. The second my nutrition doesn't align in correctly fueling the high levels of physical movement in my job and own training goals, or my training doesn't match the importance of bettering my own lifestyle my skin will break out. Bags appear under my eyes and my energy levels (as a motivator for others) decrease rapidly - then the viscous cycles that are attached with stress kick in.

My biggest beauty blunder is that I pretty much always sneeze right after I've freshly applied mascara so it smudges everywhere. And I'm renowned for foundation lines!

If you want to feel good in your skin it’s important that you be confident in exactly whom you are and where you want to go. Forget about comparison and competing. Know that everyone has an opinion and you can't please everyone but you can do exactly the right movement for YOU and your lifestyle.

As with fitness, good skincare is the foundation of great makeup. If you always ensure the foundations are in place (pardon the pun) then you can celebrate and enhance them.


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