It's time for you to find your best face ever.


Whether you need a beauty boost or are simply looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends, The Makeup can teach you all you need to know to get skin fit and find a flawless look that’s perfectly YOU.

Our custom lessons and workshops are all about finding your beauty solutions: What are your skin needs? What do you want your makeup to achieve? What’s not working? Which products will get you results?


Our lessons + beauty experiences


What's different about a lesson with The Makeup?

Unlike a generic lesson at a cosmetic counter, you won’t be restricted to one makeup brand and there’s no pressure to buy products. There is, however, loads of special attention. My lessons are a relaxed and fun affair for individuals, groups or events that will help you find your best face through a personalised, guided tutorial.



The teen dream Our 1-hour program is specifically designed for young skins to teach good hygiene and makeup basics. We'll take you through skincare and the basics of a natural flawless face that won't aggravate your skin woes. $100

The #pro lesson Do you want to learn how to create a look like a professional makeup artist? This is a complete 2.5-hour tutorial that gives you the basics and then inspires you with a few key looks that you can try for yourself. To ensure you’re set to go, you’ll receive your own The Makeup Prescription™ for your reference. $300


How to book

I've worked with dozens of clients to help them find their best face. Let's chat about what you need from your beauty experience.