I have always loved the ancient and healing art of bathing. 

The book “Spa” by Judy Chapman launched my first business venture into pampering products and I’m always up for a long soak in an aromatic bath with a hydrating mask.  In the constant inertia of life and business, many of us find it hard to really take time out, but those who love a good soak will tell you how effective the practice is in bringing your soul back to base. Natalie Thorogood understands this better than most, lauching her divine range of healing blends under the luxe label, Soak Society, to bring some much-needed zen to those who need it most.

Founder, Natalie Thorogood has created an indulgent bathing experience to encourage a little 'me-time'. (Image via Soak Society)

"Soak Society was created to encourage women to take more time out for themselves to relax, recharge and reflect - to carve out more 'me-time'. Women are generally caring for everyone else, it's in our nature, and this can mean we become burnt out very quickly. I wanted to spread this message through our natural and organic bath soak range, and began the business 2.5 years ago. 

I have had so many customers email me to tell me how our products have helped them to relax more. Most recently, a customer who is an emergency doctor, wrote to me saying she had a massive 12 hour shift, came home and was close to tears and extremely stressed. She had more study and reading to do, but told me as soon as she looked at the pack of Rose soak she had sitting in her home that she thought 'screw it' I'll do the work another time, and had a long soak with some soothing music. It's stories like these that make me feel as though I'm doing good and making our customers feel better on a daily basis. 

I couldn’t live without our Rose wellness soak, it makes me feel so luxurious! Every day I also have Cilk Rosewater beauty drink with sparkling water, my BFF Chanelle created it, and it's the perfect post-work daily luxury. Aside from these - my go-to products are Mukti 2-in-1 resurfacing exfoliant - the smell is amazing, Flora Remedia Let go treatment perfume oil roll on, and Ere Perez Bronzer. 

For me, being skinfit means knowing when to stop, relax and taking some 'me-time' to relax and recharge. It means respecting your body and skin enough to bathe in only all natural ingredients, not synthetic fragrances and colours. 

My beauty faux pas includes neglecting to use an eye makeup remover and just trying to wipe my makeup off! I love the natural glow I get in my skin after a yoga or Barre class. It that means I don't have to wear a full cover foundation and I much prefer to just wear a light natural mineral powder (like Inika) which enhances the glow.

I definitely notice my eyes are more clear and bright after drinking green juice for a few days, so I try to do that for a few days each week. I eat a vegetarian diet and have for the past six years, and have never felt or looked better. 

I believe the more time you spend getting to know what your body can do (which yoga is great for) and the more trust you have it, the more you will grow to love yourself, and from that follows the belief in your own individual beauty. That is my own personal experience, but I also think it differs at various times in your cycle, so getting to know when these times are is important in understanding your body and why you might be not be feeling beautiful one day and the opposite the next. 

I believe that good skincare is the foundation of great makeup. I've only recently discovered the importance of using a really good night serum and moisturising cream now that I'm getting a bit older. I was always scared of using oils but now I know the truth! I've also invested in an amazing all natural eye serum (Briese botanicals) and have definitely noticed the difference to dark under eye circles. I try to use minimal make-up on weekdays and on the weekend days I'll go make-up free as much as possible, and my skin loves me for it."