When PM Studio first opened its doors in Sydney’s Waterloo over seven years ago, makeup artists flocked to get the best of the best, previously unavailable in Australia.

I loved the choice of select professional brands, each with their own unique offering to cater for different women – it meant I could service my clients better. Most of all I loved Olga Seal, the founder of PM Studio and an industry oracle. Her goal is to bring to you the best, to make you look and feel fantastic, and her team delivers honest and knowledgeable advice without rushing you out the door! I have spent hours with these experts to find the very best products for my clients’ skin concerns and desires, so I thought it only fitting that I should take 5 minutes with the lady herself, to soak up some more wisdom.

Olga Seal believes It’s time to stop looking for flaws, "You'll find them but they don't define you unless you allow them to." (Image via Olga Seal)

PM Studio at Bourke Street, Waterloo is at the forefront of the latest trends and stocks cult professional products like Make Up Forever (Image via PM Studio)

PM Studio at Bourke Street, Waterloo is at the forefront of the latest trends and stocks cult professional products like Make Up Forever (Image via PM Studio)

"For the ultimate makeup experience, PM Studio offers a plethora of the hottest makeup and skincare lines with the space and freedom to you can come in and play! Try all of our products as well as talk to one of our makeup experts about the right product for you. There’s an abundance of natural light so there's no 'looked good in the store and horrible when I walked outside' moments! And if you can’t make it in store, my team are always online or available over the phone for a personal consult.

We specialise in cosmetics and skincare retail, supporting the pro industry. For me that means helping our clients by being honest, caring and showing them how to bring their best face forward!

If I were stranded on a desert island I couldn’t live without Creme de Jouvence by Jean D'Aveze (night cream), Face and Body Foundation by Make Up For Ever, Pure Body and Face Oils (except for Bio Oil which do not like!), Koh Gen Do Cleanser and a deodorant (natural base, aluminium free).

Being “skin fit” means that makeup looks best when the skin is clean, smooth and hydrated. This is one of the mantras by which I live by and encourage our clients to adopt.  It also means being realistic about your expectations: What looks great on someone else won’t always look great on you - so embrace the skin you live in, not someone else's idea of "beauty".

My biggest beauty blunder would have to be allowing someone I didn't know to do a "makeover" at a trade show. There was no mirror so I didn't realize that I looked part hooker, part drag queen until I went to the bathroom!

I eat and exercise to suit my needs, and it makes me feel good both inside and out...And tends to keep me healthy so less downtime.

My advice is to stop looking at photo-shopped images - none of us look like that! Beauty is personal and it’s about what makes you feel fantastic - this is different for each individual. It's not just products that can make you look good, it comes from within first and foremost. Remember that beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone!

I totally believe that good skincare is the foundation of great makeup. If your skin isn't in great condition, then you can't look as good as you should. With great skin, comes great beauty!

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