When you’re doing the 9-5 shuffle it’s easy to get caught in a maze of toxic habits and energies.

Rosanna Lauria, founder of Recipe for Health, knows this better than most, falling ill with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2012 after years in corporate finance. She knew that her body and her life were out of balance. Taking time to reflect, Rosanna recognised that she was living a life with so much intensity, constantly multi-tasking, working long hours in her corporate career, without ever taking time to stop and breathe. She had no balance amongst her busy! Feeling frustrated that her condition had left her bedridden after working so hard to build a successful life, she set about creating a platform to heal herself and educate others to better health. I sat down with Rosanna to understand a few lessons about how she rebalanced and what she does to feel good in her skin.

Rosanna Lauria believes being that feeling calm and in control, is the key to glowing skin. (Image via Recipe for Health)

Rosanna manages stress by taking time to relax daily and eat real whole foods.. (Image via Recipe for Health)

Rosanna manages stress by taking time to relax daily and eat real whole foods.. (Image via Recipe for Health)

"Recipe for Health helps busy people take control of their health and find balance so they can get more out of life. On a mission to change the face of the rat race by giving professionals a way to be successful without sacrificing their health. We help people reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and live each day with more energy and peace of mind. Our main services are workplace wellness programs, online programs and meditation classes.

I empower busy people to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, knowing they have the power to influence their health, body & life. This includes building their motivation and self-esteem, so they can attend to their busy schedule and manage the demands of work and family life with their health and happiness in tact. When you take control of your health, you ultimately find peace in yourself and feel good every day, regardless of what happens in the world around you.

My beauty regime is natural and focuses on internal health. If I were stranded on a desert island I couldn’t live without drinking lots of water (knowing that hydration is absolutely essential for good skin),  a dry brush (great for lymphatic flow and healthy glowing skin), exfoliator, moisturiser, tooth brush & paste (love a clean, bright smile!).

I believe that when you glow on the inside, you can't help be “skin fit” on the outside. Eating real whole foods with a variety of nutrients is critical for getting the building blocks of healthy glowing skin. Most skin problems are a result of too many toxins in the body, so reducing toxins in your diet and life, and promoting a healthy detoxification system is essential.

I'm not very talented when it comes to makeup! Luckily I don't wear much, but when I do go out and want to dress up, I just don't know what to do with all those cosmetics! In the meantime, I just wing it!

When I had chronic fatigue 4 years ago, my hair was thinning and my skin was ageing rapidly. As soon as I started meditating regularly, practicing yoga and eating real nourishing foods, my skin began glowing and my hair thickened. I looked healthier on the outside, which was a true reflection of what was happening on the inside. So I continue to manage stress, take time to relax daily, eat real whole foods and minimise my toxin intake to maintain a healthy glow.

My advice to others is to stop focusing on the outside and start by correcting your insides. Otherwise it’s just a band-aid fix. Start eating more vegies and real whole foods, reduce processed foods, and minimise stress. Then your outsides will simply become a reflection of your healthy insides. When your skin is clean and clear - and good skin care certainly helps with this - you don't need nearly as much makeup. And whatever makeup you do apply, will inevitably look better when you use natural quality skincare.

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