I’ll never forget my first skincare consultation with Skin Matrix’s Sarah Wilkinson over ten years ago.

I had been struggling with acne as a result of medication and I was ready for ‘heavy duty’ treatment. Sarah took a positive approach that sparked my passion for skincare and started me on my journey to skin fit. Her medical grade skin care and mineral make up truly transformed the way I approach beauty and makeup and I have been referring her services to my networks ever since.  When she launched her own very own range this year I was beside myself with excitement. Her Sydney and Newcastle Clinics are famous for customized skin care treatments, so I asked Sarah to talk me through her holistic approach to beauty and how she helps her clients find their best skin.

Sarah Wilkinson believes how we fuel our body with directly affects our skin health. (Image via Skin Matrix)

"Skin Matrix is my absolute passion! It's is a collaboration of medical grade skin care and mineral make up retailed to the online consumer. Consisting of all the brands I have seen give fabulous results for my clients including our very own Skin Matrix Cosmeceutical Range. I also see clients in our Sydney and Newcastle Clinic for my famous customized skin care treatments bringing my wealth of skin care knowledge and advice to enhance my client’s results. With a focus on a holistic approach, my specialities are treating acne and ageing. I love what I do, and assisting my clients achieve the healthiest skin they can.

We are our own worst critics! So it gives me no greater pleasure when I have a client who is not happy about their skin to tell them the amazing qualities their skin actually has. We always focus on the negative, so once they hear the positive aspects about their skin and the plan I put in place for them to achieve the skin they desire, I see them relax and feel excited about their skins future. Once they see the progress they are so much more comfortable in their own skin and they grow to love the skin they have been blessed with.

I couldn’t live without Jane Iredale Jet Black Lengthening Mascara,  Skin Matrix HydraCell Moisturiser, Invisible Zinc Face and Body SPF, Osmosis Protect SPF and Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser.

For me, being “Skin fit” means being able to read and interpret the signs and signals our skin is telling us. It’s critical that we feed our skin by being conscious about what we fuel our body with. Also, we now know that 90% of ageing is caused by UV damage. It’s never been more important to protect and nuture the skin we have with mineral broad spectrum sunscreen.

My biggest beauty blunder would have to be over exfoliating my skin when I was younger, which actually made me breakout! I now know that all skins have a different optimal exfoliation rate. Find that and you discover the secret to a smooth complexion.

My advice to others would be look at the positive aspects of your skin, rather than focusing on the negative. Discover what products your skin is giving you signals for. Seek a skin coach to help you along your way so you know you are on the right path. Don't compare yourself to others, everyone has a different skin, instead look towards achieving a healthier complexion than your had the day before. When you have a healthy complexion, make up can be used to enhance rather than cover.

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