I want to start a conversation that stops our body shaming and changes the way we approach beauty.

It’s so easy nowadays to reach for the quick fix so we can look different before we’ve even figured out what we have to offer. I know that we all have our imperfections, but I really believe that great beauty starts with healthy habits; in skincare, in mindset and in lifestyle.

#SkinFIT2016 is all about feeling good in your skin. See, the thing is, whilst I'm a makeup artist, this is not just about products. It's a vehicle to promote health, self-esteem and feeling good.



Meet the #SkinFIT2016 experts

To help start the conversation, I've assembled a cast of professionals from the beauty, wellness and fashion world to showcase good habits that will inspire you in your own journey to 'skin fit'. They're all everyday people who respect their bodies and make time to invest in their health - no matter what's going on in their lives. Together, we're your team of 'beauty' professionals on a common mission to inspire and educate.


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Sharing the love, just for you.

Our experts are so generous that they haven't simply shared their knowledge, they've also given us access to exclusive discounts on their favourite health and wellness products. Take advantage of these great deals and start your #SkinFIT2016 journey today!


The #SkinFIT2016 mantra


1. Great skin takes WORK + discipline

A healthy lifestyle lays the foundation for glowing skin
Don't pollute your body - respect its limits
Invest in quality products and habits that get results


2. It's time to RESET your thinking about beauty

Be positive and work to find the solution so that you get your best skin
Don't hide behind the makeup - embrace your best features and work with those to enhance not mask
Take a new perspective - you don't need to practice every single trend that comes along, just to get ready in the morning!


3. Get the right ADVICE + PRODUCTS that work for you

Take a healthy approach and find healthy products and habits
Find the products that work for you in a regime that you can sustain
Beauty starts with healthy habits; in skincare, in mindset and in lifestyle